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About Us

Uptrend77 is founded on the belief that we are what we eat and weight loss  should not be based on diets and baseless fads but should be about lifestyle changes and consistency.  Our goal is to provide a wide range of curated fitness gears, information that will empower people globally to succeed on their journey to weight loss. I believe that as human beings our goal is to live happier, healthier lives and sometimes life throw us some curveballs that takes us off course but, what we believe is that if we remind focus on our goals nothing will prevent us from obtaining realistic goals. Our primary goal is to share with all our customers how to achieve long lasting health and fitness goals, and to succeed at living a healthier lifestyle.  We believe in accountability and we want you to join us is holding your family and friends accountable to staying and living a healthier lifestyle. Uptrend77  motto is self love begins with you. How much do you love yourself?


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